Black Gill Disease

Black Gill Disease is the most common disease in Vannamei shrimp in almost all areas.  It is because of so many reasons.  Sometimes it can be because of fungus and is epizootic which could cause mass mortalities.  During this disease, the gills goes darker.  If it is due to Bacteria in shrimp, the gills will turn into Brown, Orange or Yellow at initial stages.  Then the gills turn darker going on which may lead to mass mortalities.  In most cases it could be because of accumulation of dirt in gills.  It is not that serious as the Black Gill Disease due to Fungus and Bacteria.  It is due to poor pond bottom conditions.

If the Black Gill Disease is due to poor pond bottom conditions, then it is necessary to take action on the pond bottom and water qualities by changing the water, increasing the water level if it is less than desired.  Excessive turbidity in pond water also resists the growth of desired plankton as it limits the penetration of sun light into water.  It could cause the growth of Blue-Green algae in the ponds.  Adding substances into water that can flocculates the dirt particles.  Application of Randmin will help in the process of flocculation as it contains Aluminium, Gypsum etc., Applying the Multipro PS+ into water during morning of a sunny day, will kill unwanted bacteria which is causing the durbidity in the water which can clear the water as desired.  

Application of Multipro PS+ in regular intervals will never let the Black Gill Disease in shrimp as it has the capacity in controlling and killing the causing Fungus and Bacteria of Black Gill Disease.  Even after the infection, application of Multipro PS+ @ 5 liters per acre weekly until the Black Gill Disease is controlled 100%.  In general, application of Multipro PS+ @ 5 liters per acre for every 15 days will never let the shrimp infected with Black Gill Disease.