DO Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen is nothing but the oxygen levels in the pond water.  It is an important factor to be measured in regular intervals in pond water.  Less Dissolved Oxygen may cause the mortality in aquatic animals or may have effect on the growth of aquatic animal.  We must make sure that the Dissolved Oxygen levels are 5.0 PPM or more in the pond water.  If the Dissolved Oxygen levels goes less than 4.0 PPM, it indicates that the pond is in critical condition.  Dissolved Oxygen is also depended on the temperature as well, when temperature decreases, the DO levels may decrease in the pond water.

Photosynthesis process during day will dissolve oxygen in the pond water and hence during night, rainy days, days with mild sunlight will not dissolved oxygen in the water and hence the aeration should be applied to produce enough oxygen levels in the pond water.  Besides exchange of water also will increase the Dissolved Oxygen levels in the pond water.  In the ponds with lack of Dissolved Oxygen levels, aquatic animals will come on to the surface or to the edges of ponds etc.,  Excessive fertilization will also decreases the oxygen levels in pond water.  Dead algae, dead plankton and Microcystis will consume more oxygen and hence the levels of Dissolved Oxygen will be less in pond water.  Besides dead algae, plankton and Microcystis will generate H2S, NH3, CO2 etc.,