Potential Hydrogen pH scales from 1 to 14.  When it is 1, it is considered as acidic and when it is 14, it is considered as Alkine and the 7 is neutral.  pH plays a major in aquaculture where as it should not be more high or much lower.  How many does know that most of the medicines doesn't work and it is much dangerous when pH is 8.3 and above?  When there is pH variation of 0.5 or more during day, it makes aquatic animal shocked and will undergo stress, don't eat and will have negative impact on lot of other parameters as well in aquaculture pond.  When there is low or high pH in the pond for long time it may lead to attack diseases in the animal and slow growth in the aquatic animal.

Rains, Acidic sulphate soils, high aluminum in soil, large amounts of algae in the water, dead algae, imbalance between algae and microorganisms will have variations in the pH of the pond water.  When pH is low in pond water, Agricultural lime, Dolomite, Slaked lime shall be used to increase the pH of pond water.  When pH is high, Formalin, Sugar etc., are the temporary solutions.  The important thing is to maintain pond water and bottom besides application of probiotics which will stimulate the development of microbial decomposition which is the natural and permanent solution to control pH in the pond water.

Appropriate pH for water in shrimp ponds is pH = 7.2 to 8.8. The best condition is from 7.8 to 8.5. pH fluctuation during a day should not exceed 0.5. If pH changes significantly, it can make shrimp and fish shocked, weakened and stop eating. If high pH extends for a long time, it will make shrimp grow slowly, stunting and susceptible to diseases. 0 pH is the probitotic solution to reduce the pH levels in pond water and one time application.

Application of Multipro PS+ in the pond for every 15 days will maintain the pond water and bottom at desired measures which will eliminate almost all the diseases in the aquatic animal.  For shrimp pond, 5 liters and for fish pond it is 2-3 liters at normal pond conditions.  At abnormal conditions of the pond, please call Rand Aqua for technical help.