Loose Shell Syndrome


Loose shell syndrome was first found in Indian in 1998.  It is a chronic disease and which leads to poor survival rate, poor feed intake, chronic mortalities etc., The affected shrimp can be identified by the gap between the muscle tissue and the carapaces.  Loose shell is mostly because of poor water quality, poor pond management, poor soil conditions, chemical pesticides application, nutritional deficiency etc.,  Loose shell syndrome can be affected to any size of shrimp.  One of the basic indications of Loose shell syndrome is the drastic reduction in daily growth.  Loose shell affected shrimp will not moult for long time and will turn into Brown, Black etc., in color.  Sometimes, shrimp turns into sky blue in colour instead of Brown or Black when infected with Loose Sheell Syndrome.  Another reason is also the mineral deficiency.  

Loose shell syndrome can be cured but it is not at all a short process.  It is always susggestd to prevent from infecting.  Maintaining water and soil quality by applying probiotics like Multipro PS+ for every 15 days in pond water will maintain the water and soil as desired.  Reducing the feed quantity during infection will save money as well as the bottom of pond.  Application of feed probiotics and energy boosters in feed like Protect will help in increasing immunity in shrimp, digestion and for better feed intake.  Application of Protigel will add more Minerals, Vitamins and Proteins to feed which will recover the animal in quicker time besides adding value to the feed intake of shrimp.  Regular application of Minerals like Randmin will balance the minerals in pond water and will prevent and cure the Loose Shell disease.