Muscle Necrosis

Symptoms of Muscle Necrosis can be found on body and or tail of shimp.  You will find white patches on the body or and tail or white tail which will indicate this disease.  During this syndrome, shrimp swims on the top and jumps out of water in general and irregular digestion in shrimp.  This could be because of abnormal weather conditions, high temperatures, low Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond water etc.,  To get rid of this, environmental conditions should be improved, Dissolved Oxygen levels should be improved and water management is also impotant factor.

Treatment for this is application of "Proact Ultra" 250 grams per acre mixed with pond water during sunny time and propogate across pond and aeration for at least 3 hours is important.  Application of "Multipro PS+" 5 liters per acre on next day during sunny time will improve water quality which helps in quicker recovery of shrimp.  Adding "Protect" in feed will improve resistance power in shrimp which will reduce the mortality rate if there is any and helps in quick growth.