White Gut Disease

White Gut Disease is caused by Gram-negative bacteria which is Vibrio.  White Gut Disease is one of the major complaining disease now a days in shrimp.  Poor water quality, Low Dissolved Oxygen levels in pond water, stress in shrimp, abnormal temperature differences in the water may also cause White Gut Disease in shrimp.  White Gut Disease may lead to mass mortalities in shrimp.  It is visible in shrimp and shrimp releases white faecal matter.

It is mandatory to make sure tht the animal wont stress.  Frequent exchange of water also helps in preventing this disease.  Feeding with immunostimulants "Protect" will help in preventing White Gut Disease in shrimp.  Application of probiotics in regular intervals will reduce the chances of affecting disease.  Probiotics that works aginst Gram-negative bacteria and vibrios like "Escort" in pond water will clears the unwanted and problem causing bacteria.  Application of gut care products like "Cleargut" will keep the gut of animal clean and will have less chances of affecting White Gut Disease.