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RandAqua Prudencc  

Probiotic solution for White Gut in shrimp with 60 Billion CFU.  Should be applied in pond water besides Panacea in feed.


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts.


  • Compete with white gut causing pathogens and inhibit their growth
  • Secrete pathogen specific secondary metabolites to kill Vibrio and other pathogens
  • Act as Natural acidifiers when established in the gut region
  • Improve digestion
  • Purifies pond water from unwanter pathogens.

Packaging: 500 grams HDPE can.

Application: 250 grams per acre mixed with pond water propagated across pond.

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 Sangoma RandAqua

One more challenge in Aquaculture industry by RandAqua.  Sangoma is the only preventive solution for VIRUS in Aquaculture composed with selected probiotic strains and natural extracts.


  •  Natural extracts, Probiotics etc., 


  • Preventive Solution for VIRUS in Aquaculture.

Packaging: 500 Grams in HDPE can.

Application: 10 grams per kilo feed in one meal a day for first 30 days..

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RandAqua Protigel Binding Gel 

Protigel is one of our best sellers of Rand Aqua.  Our protigel is a binding gel with added Minerals, Vitamins and Proteins. Our gel comes in extra thick form and lasts in the same state at least for an year at normal room temperatures.


  • Selected natural extracts, Minerals, Vitamins and Prteins. 


  • Effective binding gel for powder form feed supplements.
  • Improves feed taste and leads to better consumption.
  • Improves digestive capability.
  • Supplies Vitamins and other nutrients for therapeutic growth.
  • Improves liver activity and defence liver diseases.
  • Strengthens the animal and improves body weight.

Packaging: 20 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 50ml per Kilo feed or as suggested by your aqua consultant.

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PS Plus

PS Plus 

Multipro PS+ is a water and soil probiotic solution for Shrimp and Fish.  It is the combination of selected probiotic strains like Rhodobacter, Rhodococcus, Bascillus, Paracoccus and few which makes it world class at its best.


  • Rhodobacter
  • Rhodococcus
  • Bascillus
  • Paracoccus & few other selected strains.


  • Controls Ammonia and Nitrites in pond water.
  • Removes H2S from pond and prevents further buildup.
  • Removes blackgill in shrimp within 72 hours.
  • Biodegrades sludge and feed waste from pond bottom.
  • Supress turbidity and purifies pond water.
  • Controls vibrio loads in pond water.
  • Develops plankton in pond water and maintains desired parameters.
  • Regulates pH variations.
  • Effectively works on thick water.

Packaging: 20 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 5 Liters per acre for shrimp pond and 2-3 liters per acre for fish pond at normal conditions.  In case of abnormal conditions, please follow as per your technician.

Notes:  Must be applied with water across pond during sunny time and aeration is must for at least 2 to 3 hours after application.

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protect RandAqua 

Protect is feed based probiotic powder prepared with the combination of powerful probiotic strains and Spirulina which makes is world class feed probiotic with an extensive results and one of our best sellers.  It is quite easy to use and can be used from the day 1 of seeding.  Hence it is not chemical, non anti-biotic and non toxic, can harm nothing to pond water, bottom or animal.


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains and Spirulina.


  • Treats inflamation of digestive track and related parts.
  • Quickly colonises aqua animal gut and and eliminates pathogens from gut region.
  • Improves disease resistance power.
  • Reduces stress and improves survival rate.
  • Inactivation of toxins and detoxification of host and food component in gut region.
  • Develops optically functioning mucosal immune system.
  • Improves gut flora balance to prevent bacterial pathogens.
  • Synthesize extracellular enzymes that imporves digestive process.
  • Provide growth factors such as Vitamins, Fatty acids and aminoacids

Packaging: 250 grams X 2 in HDPE can.

Application: 5 grams per kilo feed in one meal a day from day 1 of seeding.

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PS Extreme

RandAqua PS Extreme

PS Extreme is one of the prestegious product by RandAqua.  PS liquid probiotic comes with 50 Billion CFU/ml.


  • Rhodobacter,
  • rhodococcus,
  • Paracoccus,
  • bacillus subtilis,
  • Bacillus licheniformis,                   
  • Bacillus megaterium..


  • Controls Ammonia and Nitrites.
  • Removes H2S and Prevents further buildup.
  • Best medicine for black gill disease.
  • Biodegrades sludge, feed waste.
  • Purifies Pond Water.
  • Controls vibrio loads.
  • Improves Plankton.
  • Regulates PH variations.
  • Effectively works on thick water.

Packaging: 500 ml and 5 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 250 ml to 500 ml per acre with pond water.

12 times powerful than generc PS.  World's first multi strain 50 Billion probiotic solution for Aquaculture and Hatcheries.

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Booster randaqua 

BOOSTER boosts all desired elements in pond water and soil that will help in growth of animal besides providing desired resistance power in animal by developing micro and macro nutrients, increase dissolved oxygen levels in pond water, increasing fertility in pond water and soil etc.,  It is named after its performance and it does so.


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains, natural and herbal extracts. 


  • Improves and maintains stable plankton levels in pond water.
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels in pond water.
  • Increases fertility in pond water and soil.
  • Provides micro and macro nutrients and hence growth in animal
  • Improves immune power in aquatic animal.

Packaging: 10 Kilos in HDPE can.

Application: 4 Kilos per acre for first time and 2-3 kilos from second time for every 10 - 15 days with respect to requirement or as suggested by your aqua consultant..