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RandAqua Prudencc  

Probiotic solution for White Gut in shrimp with 60 Billion CFU.  Should be applied in pond water besides Panacea in feed.


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts.


  • Compete with white gut causing pathogens and inhibit their growth
  • Secrete pathogen specific secondary metabolites to kill Vibrio and other pathogens
  • Act as Natural acidifiers when established in the gut region
  • Improve digestion
  • Purifies pond water from unwanter pathogens.

Packaging: 500 grams HDPE can.

Application: 250 grams per acre mixed with pond water propagated across pond.

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Randmin label new colour copy 

Randmin is a perfect mixture of desired minerlas, vitamins and other contents that replaces deficiencies in pond water.  Mineral mixture helps in providing desired minerals to shrimp or fish, improves digestion capability, helps to grow fast and hence the weight gain.  Randmin provides essential amino acids and nitrients.  Randmin provided desired nutrients that helps in molting process in shrimp.


  •  Perfect mixture of desired Minerals, Vitamins etc.,. 


  • Helps in molting process of shrimp.
  • Fulfill deficiency of minerals in water and animal.
  • Helps in development of plankton.
  • Involves in protein systhesis and metabolism of carbohydrates & lipids.
  • Minerals maintain osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and hence regulates pH of blood, urine and other body fluids.
  • Improves efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Increase resistance power against diseases.

Packaging: 10 Kilos HDPE bag..

Application: 10 kilos per acre in normal pond conditions.  Please consult your aqua technician durin abnormal conditions of pond..

Notes:  Mineral deficiency is due to intensive culture conditions.  Mineral deficiency may cause lot of issues in animal and can lead to death.

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 Sangoma RandAqua

One more challenge in Aquaculture industry by RandAqua.  Sangoma is the only preventive solution for VIRUS in Aquaculture composed with selected probiotic strains and natural extracts.


  •  Natural extracts, Probiotics etc., 


  • Preventive Solution for VIRUS in Aquaculture.

Packaging: 500 Grams in HDPE can.

Application: 10 grams per kilo feed in one meal a day for first 30 days..

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 Panacea Rand Aqua web

One solution for almost all gut and growth related issues in shrimp.  Made up of 100% natural extracts which is no toxic, rich in feed minerals, best growth promoter besides controls and reduces White Gut, White Muscle, Loose Shell, Bends in shrimp.


  •  Natural extracts, Feed minerals, growth enzymes etc., 


  • No Bends
  • No White Gut
  • No Loose Shell
  • No White Feces
  • No White Muscle
  • Rich in feed minerals
  • Best Growth Promoter

Packaging: 1 Liter in HDPE can.

Application: 5 - 10 ml per kilo feed in one meal for 3-4 days in a week.  During abnormal conditions, 20 ml per kilo feed in 4 meals..

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PS Plus

PS Plus 

Multipro PS+ is a water and soil probiotic solution for Shrimp and Fish.  It is the combination of selected probiotic strains like Rhodobacter, Rhodococcus, Bascillus, Paracoccus and few which makes it world class at its best.


  • Rhodobacter
  • Rhodococcus
  • Bascillus
  • Paracoccus & few other selected strains.


  • Controls Ammonia and Nitrites in pond water.
  • Removes H2S from pond and prevents further buildup.
  • Removes blackgill in shrimp within 72 hours.
  • Biodegrades sludge and feed waste from pond bottom.
  • Supress turbidity and purifies pond water.
  • Controls vibrio loads in pond water.
  • Develops plankton in pond water and maintains desired parameters.
  • Regulates pH variations.
  • Effectively works on thick water.

Packaging: 20 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 5 Liters per acre for shrimp pond and 2-3 liters per acre for fish pond at normal conditions.  In case of abnormal conditions, please follow as per your technician.

Notes:  Must be applied with water across pond during sunny time and aeration is must for at least 2 to 3 hours after application.

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 Indus RandAqua

Never before - never after in aquaculture industry.  Priobiotic solution for fish tanks at 100 Rupees per month per Acre.  As you all know that RAND AQUA is creator sensation, we have come out with an inexpensive but powerful solution for fish tanks.


  • Bascillus subtils.
  • Bascillus Licheniformis.
  • Bascillus Megaterium
  • Bascillus Polymyxa
  • Paracoccus SPP
  • Rhodococcus SPP. 


  • Maintains water quality.
  • Kills unwanted pathogens.
  • Prevents toxic gas formation.
  • Does not interfere with pond DO.
  • Effectively treats pond bottom sludge.
  • Maintains optimum phytoplankton levels.

Packaging: 40 grams.

Application: Dissolve 40 grams of probiotic powder in a container with 10 liters of water and cover th lid air-tight.  Leave it for 24 to 48 hours with respect to the temperature.  Apply across pond by diluting enough.  40 grams covers 10 Acres of pond.

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PS Extreme

RandAqua PS Extreme

PS Extreme is one of the prestegious product by RandAqua.  PS liquid probiotic comes with 50 Billion CFU/ml.


  • Rhodobacter,
  • rhodococcus,
  • Paracoccus,
  • bacillus subtilis,
  • Bacillus licheniformis,                   
  • Bacillus megaterium..


  • Controls Ammonia and Nitrites.
  • Removes H2S and Prevents further buildup.
  • Best medicine for black gill disease.
  • Biodegrades sludge, feed waste.
  • Purifies Pond Water.
  • Controls vibrio loads.
  • Improves Plankton.
  • Regulates PH variations.
  • Effectively works on thick water.

Packaging: 500 ml and 5 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 250 ml to 500 ml per acre with pond water.

12 times powerful than generc PS.  World's first multi strain 50 Billion probiotic solution for Aquaculture and Hatcheries.