Indus RandAqua

Never before - never after in aquaculture industry.  Priobiotic solution for fish tanks at 100 Rupees per month per Acre.  As you all know that RAND AQUA is creator sensation, we have come out with an inexpensive but powerful solution for fish tanks.


  • Bascillus subtils.
  • Bascillus Licheniformis.
  • Bascillus Megaterium
  • Bascillus Polymyxa
  • Paracoccus SPP
  • Rhodococcus SPP. 


  • Maintains water quality.
  • Kills unwanted pathogens.
  • Prevents toxic gas formation.
  • Does not interfere with pond DO.
  • Effectively treats pond bottom sludge.
  • Maintains optimum phytoplankton levels.

Packaging: 40 grams.

Application: Dissolve 40 grams of probiotic powder in a container with 10 liters of water and cover th lid air-tight.  Leave it for 24 to 48 hours with respect to the temperature.  Apply across pond by diluting enough.  40 grams covers 10 Acres of pond.