Initially when we got introduced to Rand Aqua, we declined to use as it was a strange company for us.  They demonstrated us the product and the gave us some leads where these products have been used earlier.  Eversince we are using their products, we never regret.  Myself, i use only one of their products "Multipro PS+" as i have to support our other suppliers as well.  Multipro PS+ of Rand Aqua is a great probiotic solution as i have seen so far.  I recommend only Multipro PS+ as i have used only that.

Srinivasulu Gunturdivider rand aqua

I am a farmer and distributor in Rachuru.  I used Rand Aqua products and feeling that they are a bit expensive.  I prefer their products for Shrimp culture but for Fish culture they are really expensive.  They promised me that they will come out with more products for fish as well at economic pricing.  We are still waiting.  I am still using their products for my personal shrimp cultue and selling as well but not for fish tanks.

Nagu, Rachuru

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I am a farmer and i was introduced to Rand Aqua by my son in law which resides in Vijayawada.  They gave us few of their products and i a much impressed with Protigel, Multipro PS+ and Minerals.  I used their products for last 3 cultures and happy.  For me, their products are a bit expensive but worth besides.

Sudhakar, Farmer, Nattalavaripalem

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We used to buy Rand Aqua products at one of the laboratories in Nizmpatnam.  First we declined to buy a new brand and the lab operated insisted that he also using these products in his own culture successfully.  We then started using.  We are happy with the products and during the disaster of culture, we could keep our culture our culture for 15 days extra than any other culture around us and we were safe side.  I believe that it is because of Rand Aqua products.

Swamy, Farmer, Palarevu

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We found the Rand Aqu online and when we call them for algae and microcystis problem in our ponds, they provided us with Algclear which is purely probiotic and we applied during culture.  It works amazingly and water was clear within 4 days without any negative impact on the animal.  Later we started using few of their products and we are happy with.  Algclear is the best probiotic solution for Microcystis and Algae issues in the pond and can be used even during culture.

Suresh, Farmer, Amalapuram

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