I used Multipro PS+, Protigel, Provirus, ProEms, Provirus and Protect of Rand Aqua products.  Out of all i give 100% marks to Protigel and Multipro PS+ is in the next level.  Provirus, ProEms and Provirus are OK but not as expected.  When i call Rand Aqua regarding, they says that the probiotics cannot work 100% before or after the application of chemicals and strong medicines in the pond.  The result of Provirus, ProEms, ProGut are 50% for me.  Protect is one of the best feed probiotic i have ever used.  For our water and soil, i am suggesting Multipro PS+, Protigel and Protect and all are happy with.

Ravi, Technician, Singarayakonda

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