Randmin Rand Aqua 





Randmin is a perfect mixture of desired minerlas, vitamins and other contents that replaces deficiencies in pond water.  Mineral mixture helps in providing desired minerals to shrimp or fish, improves digestion capability, helps to grow fast and hence the weight gain.  Randmin provides essential amino acids and nitrients.  Randmin provided desired nutrients that helps in molting process in shrimp.


  •  Perfect mixture of desired Minerals, Vitamins etc.,. 


  • Helps in molting process of shrimp.
  • Fulfill deficiency of minerals in water and animal.
  • Helps in development of plankton.
  • Involves in protein systhesis and metabolism of carbohydrates & lipids.
  • Minerals maintain osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and hence regulates pH of blood, urine and other body fluids.
  • Improves efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Increase resistance power against diseases.

Packaging: 10 Kilos HDPE bag..

Application: 10 kilos per acre in normal pond conditions.  Please consult your aqua technician durin abnormal conditions of pond..

Notes:  Mineral deficiency is due to intensive culture conditions.  Mineral deficiency may cause lot of issues in animal and can lead to death.


Proact Rand Aqua 




Proact is the combination of selected probiotic strains at a high count of around 100 Billions which makes it best for pond preperation.  Proact is the best solution for pond preperation which can kill almost all unwanted bacteria and pathogens in pond which cannot be during generic pond preperation process. 


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains. 


  • Digests celluloses, pectins and other poly-peptices and controls sludge formtion.
  • Proliferate quickly, withstands odd pond conditions and pH.
  • Converts toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane etc., into nutrients.
  • Hydrolases Nitrates, Sulphates, Phosphates etc., and controls water hardness.
  • Effectively controls BOD, COD in pond water and boosts oxygen levels.
  • Helps in growing plankton levels in pond and maintains healthy environment in pond.

Packaging: 250 grams X 2 in HDPE can.

Application: 250 grams per acre 3-5 days before stocking across pond and provide aeration for at least 2-3 hours.

Notes:  One time application during pond preparation.  Generic pond preparation should be done as usual.