Booster randaqua 

BOOSTER boosts all desired elements in pond water and soil that will help in growth of animal besides providing desired resistance power in animal by developing micro and macro nutrients, increase dissolved oxygen levels in pond water, increasing fertility in pond water and soil etc.,  It is named after its performance and it does so.


  •  Combination of selected probiotic strains, natural and herbal extracts. 


  • Improves and maintains stable plankton levels in pond water.
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels in pond water.
  • Increases fertility in pond water and soil.
  • Provides micro and macro nutrients and hence growth in animal
  • Improves immune power in aquatic animal.

Packaging: 10 Kilos in HDPE can.

Application: 4 Kilos per acre for first time and 2-3 kilos from second time for every 10 - 15 days with respect to requirement or as suggested by your aqua consultant..


pHSure RandAqua

 0 pH is the first ever non-chemicl, non-antibiotic, non-toxic and pure probiotic solution that can effectively reduce the pH to desired levels in pond water.


  • Selected probiotic strains, Natural and Herbal extracts.


  • Effectively removes pH in pond water.
  • Prevents further buildup of pH in pond water.
  • Helps improving pond's Ecology..
  • Can be used in both fish and shrimp tanks.
  • Guaranted results within 48 hours of application.
  • One time application to reduce pH in Aquaculture ponds.

Packaging: 1 Liters HDPE can.

Application: 1 Liter per acre mixed with pond water and 10 kilos of sugar.

Notes:  Must be applied during sunny time and aeration must be provided for atleast 3 hours after application.