Brill Colistium guntheri

Brill Rand Aqua


Broad Whitefish-Coregonus nasus

broad whitefish Rand Aqua

Broad Whitefish name is given because of its shape with flattened sides and compressedbody.  It has large adipose fin and deep forked tail fin.  In general they are in Brown, Blakish and Yellowish in colour.  The grow up to 3 Kilos.  Their most common food is insects.


Bull Trout - Salvelinus confluentus

Bull Trout Rand Aqua

Bull Trout appears similar to Dolly Varden and there are only few differences.  It has flattened head and larger mouth with spots on back widely spaced.


Burbot - Lota lota

Burbot Rand Aqua

Burbot is also called as Ling, Maria, Loche Lingcod etc.,  They have rounded tail, large mouth, short head, barbel under chin, two spineless dorsal fins, slippery body, small embedded scales covered by slime.  They appear in Olive Green to Dark Brown.  In general they eat insects, plankton fish eggs etc.,


Cardinal Fish Epigonus telescopus

Cardinal Fish Rand Aqua