Chinook Salmon - Oncorhynchus tshawytacha

Chinook Salmon Rand Aqua

Chinook Salmon is also called as Kings or Tyee.  Its top is heavily marked with Black spots with the Black lower jaws.  Their food is insects, fish eggs and Algae.


Chum Salmon - Oncorhynchus keta

Chum Salmon Rand Aqua

Chum Salmon is also called dog salmon because of its dog like teeth and they were also used to feed dogs.  It appears with green in colour with red bars on sides and with White tipped Fins.  Chum Salmon wieghs up to 7 kilos.  Their generic food is insects and algae.


Coho Salmon - Oncorhynchus kisutch

Coho Salmon Rand Aqua

Coho Salmon differes from other Salmon by its Black spots, Black upper lobe of tail and with no Black pigment along base of the teeth.  It will have dark back stomachs with red stripe on sides during spawning.  Males appear in different brilliant colours than females.


Dolly Varden - Salvelinus malma

Dolly Varden Rand Aqua

Dolly Varden's body looks like trout with oblique mouth, small scales, forked tail etc.,  They appear in Dark Blue, Olive Green covered with yello spots in dorsal surface and organge, pink spots on sides.  It has fading sides .They can grow up to maximum 2 kilos.  They eat fish, insects, gastropods etc.,


Dredge Oyster Tiostrea chilensis

Dredge Oyster Rand Aqua