Kahawai Arripis trutta

Kahawai Rand Aqua


Kokanee Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka

Kokanee Salmon Rand Aqua

Kokanee Salmon looks similar to anadromous salmon.  They can grow up to 1 Kilo and up to 50 Centimeters length.  They appear in Silver colour in general with body shape like trout.  Swapping females are much darker in Red colour.  They eat Zooplankton, Chironomid Larvae, insects etc.,


Lake Trout - Salvelinus namaycush

Lake Trout Rand Aqua

Lake trout appears in Light Green, Black, Greyish with irregular shaped spots.  They can grow up to 15 Kilos maximum.  Main food of Lake Trout is aquatic insects and fish eggs.


Lemon Sole Pelotretis flavilatus

Lemon Sole Rand Aqua


Ling Genypterus blacodes

Ling Rand Aqua