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RandAqua logo FinalRandAqua's team of scientists is spending endless efforts on research and development of World class probiotic and organic solutions for Aquacualture. Our research triggers from the current issues in the aquaculture by gathering information from farmers that are facing issues from different soils, salinities, locations and different weather conditions and hence our products stands on top in facing newly identified challenges in aquaculture.  Our scientists incredible efforts delivered world class probiotic and organic solutions for aquaculture. RandAqua has well equipped laboratories that can perform almost all kinds of tests and developments related aquaculture issues, diseases, challenges, improvements etc.,. Like proverb says "Thousands of kilometers travel starts with one step",  With all the support from all of you and our endless efforts we are here with world class probioic and organic products delivering to our esteemed farmers of India and abroad. All our scientists are well qualified, well educated and well experienced.  They are capable to provide farmers online help as well when needed, Provided there are proper laboratory reports of pond water and soil as desired.  Our esteemed products are for almost  all kinds of issues as of today in aquaculture i.e, PS Plus, Randmin, Panacea, Prudence, Zerobac, Proact Ultra, Sangoma, AntiVirus, PS Extreme, ProMax, Protigel etc.,

Growth, White Gut, Bends, White Muscle, Loose Shell, Size Variation

Panacea Rand Aqua webWhiteGut (White Gut) is one of the most dangerous challenge that is in front of Aquaculture Farmers.  Our prome product which is "PANACEA" works effectively on Whitegut, White muscle, Bends, Loose Shell and Size variotions.  Panacea in fact is a good growth promoter for aquatic animals such as shrimp and fish.  Usage of Panacea from day one will keep the shrimp away from loose shell, size variations, bends, white muscle and white gut.  Panacea is the product made up of probiotics, natural extracts, macro nutrients, feed minerals and some other selected organic materials which makes it universal.  The multi function of Panacea makes it world class.  Now a days size variation in shrimp is a headache for both farmers and the hatcheries.  Application of Panacea from day one will reduce size variation upto 70 percent.  It is most trusted product by farmers as well as hatechry management and is highly suggested by them.  Panacea as it is made up of probiotics,organic materisls and natural extracts it can be applied from day one in the culture and works as it said to be.  As you all know that RandAqua is familiar with probiotic solutions, our technology by our German scientist makes it the best solution for Whitegut, Whte muscle, Bends, Loose Shell, Size Variations besides great growth in aquatic animals.  Panacea is purely preventive solution for Whitegut and in case of White-gut, our esteemed product which is "PRUDENCE" works effciently on it.  During white-gut, Prudence need to be applied in pond water and panacea should be applied in the feed as suggested. 


RandAqua Prudencc"Rand Aqua" is strive for quality more than anything else.  Our products are prepared with perfectly tested and approved formulasSangoma RandAqua and are tested numerous ways at different curcumstances like weather conditions, soils, Salinities, Waters and different regions. Hence our products ready to perform at any kind of environments.  All our products are "Non Chemical" and "Non Antibiotic" but are of Probiotics, Natural extracts and organic materials which provides 100% healthy environment in ponds.  We alter our formulas with respect to the conditions of current environment and the issues arising. Hence we are in the first line always in providing solutions as desired for Aquaculture.  Our products are non toxic and hence can have no side affects or other impacts on pond and animal. With the years of experience, our scientists are capable to research and develop solutions for newly formed diseases such as Whitegut, Virus, White spot, Running Mortality as well and can formulate solutions that will work. Our probiotics solutions for pond management works on both water and soil which is PS Plus, PS Extreme and ProMax.  Our pond managment solutions provides healthy environment in ponds by maintaining desired parameters in pond water.  Our probiotics maintains a friendly environment which keeps the animal away from stress..  RandAqua PS ExtremePS Extreme is one of our latest and exclusive product that is made up of 50Boon randaqua Billion CFU/ml which makes it the  worrld's best liquid probiotic solution for aquqculture.  PS Extreme is 12 time more powerful with 13 probiotic strains.  PS Extreme is a cost effective probiotic solution for aquaculture by RandAqua which reduces the cost  more than 50% compared to generic PS products available in the market.  PS Extreme is designed to cost cutting on application of probiotics in hatcheries as well.  PS Extreme provided healthy environment in hatcheries which keeps the baby healthy and disease free.  Promax is the most advanced probiotic solution which makes RandAqua a pioneed in aquculture industry.  It is the combination of 22 probiotic strains that are powder based and with 60 Billion CFU.  Promax is a very effective cost cutting solution for aquaculture in application of probiotics.  Promax will reduce the cost of application of powder based probiotics up to 95%.  ProMax is a water and soil probiotic solution which keeps the pond in a desired condition by maintaining all parameters balanced.  PROTECT is a feed probiotic solution that should be applied with the feed.  Protect in fact protects the whole body of the animal from almost kinds of diseases, pathogens and bacteria and related.  Protects works on maintaining the health of gut region, intestine region, body, liver region and maintains gut pH.  Our PD Plus is the first product of RandAqaua which was made with 9 probiotic strains and stands as a first multi strain liquid probiotic solution for aquaculture.  PS Plus is now developed and is now with 50 Billion CFU and with 13 probiotic strains. Our increased strain count in Multipro PS+ makes it much more inexpensive as the dosage is now 3 litres per acre in Shrimp pond and 2 Liters per acre in Fish pond.  Sangoma RandAquaFISHCARE is our new product exclusive probiotic solution for fish tanks. So far, probiotic solutions for Fish tanks were expensive besides farmers were unable to afford.  Apart from all other reasons, application of probiotics will have sudden impact of Dissolved Oxygen levels in fish tanks.  Hence the one and inexpensive solution for fish tanks.  It will cost the farmer just 100 Rupees per month per Acre.  FISHCARE is one in talk of the town and one of the best sellers of Rand Aqua products.



Rand Aqua Fish 1"RandAqua" has a wide range of products that can run the culture end to end with out any problem in pond or without any usage of any chemicals or antibiotics.  RandAqua's scientists and technicians suggest and educate from pond preparation to harvesting in an systematic manner without using any harmful or hazardous materials in the pond.  Our motto is "Go Green" and we are doing so.  We have so many successful testimonies across the coast of Andhra Pradesh.  We do support physically through our technical team or by receiving reports timely from each pond and our technical team will guide with respect to.  Our support will be from end to end of culture.  Our farmers are much happier by following our technical team's suggestions and we encourage anybody irrespective of whether the farmer uses "RandAqua" Products or irrespective of location across globe.  Out team helps farmers in connecting with relevant people and departments with respet to the issues they are facing.  We qickly respond to our farmers, distributors and stockists in resolving problems.  We do take responsibility in escalating the issue to relevant level and till the needy get the issue resolved.  Hence our support team is highly appreciated in terms of support besides suplying the high quality products to Indian Aquaculture.  Our culture works on principle "No chemicals and No Antibiotics".  We are into support with the foreign countries i.e, Sri Lanka, Mozanbique, South Africa, Ivory Coast etc., Our products makes our farmer's life easy in terms of understanding the products and application is like spoon fed.


Rand Aqua BusinessOur business terms always targets the safety of farmer and mutual profits.  Hence our products are prepared in such a manner that no pond will have any kind of negative impact by using any of our products.  Our products are inexpensive compared to any other products manufacture with similar norms and quality factors.  We run numerous tests and demos for each product before we release into market that makes our products though.  We are spending most of our profits into research and development that can derive better ways in culture great outputs.  We are supporting 24/7 to the farmers regardless of area and client.  We are providing online support whichever calls us for any kind of support whether they use the products of Rand Aqua or not. Rand Aqua providing distribution services to the interested existing or new people or organizations in their respective areas.  Interested shall contact us for further details, terms and conditions in promoting our esteemed product range.  We do provide our distributors and resellers with maximum profit percentage with promised quality products which keeps our Rand Family proud in the market.