RANDAQUA established in the year 2012 in Vijayawada, India.  RANDAQUA strived to provide quality products as well as services to our clients.  RANDAQUA is a probiotics development and manufacturing unit besides we mostly use organic products and natural extracts into our products.  We have started with one single product and have expanded to number of products including customized with respect to the client’s requirements.  RANDAQUA potentially into quality of products which includes research, development, testing and implementation of each and every product in different environments, soils, salinities and weather conditions.  Hence our products are world’ best.  We measure our products that is successful when it acquires not less than 85% of success rate.  With our research and with the support of our esteemed clients we have reached to a state that we are now one and only that is providing a solution for all major issues in shrimp such as White Gut, Virus and EHP.  In terms of fish culture we came up with one single product that an challenge all issues in fish culture i.e. REPULSE.  Now we have complete range of products in the area of Aquaculture.

When it come to our products, we made our first product which is liquid based water and soil probiotics that we mention as the world’s best.  We designed it with the combination of 13 probiotic strains that will satisfy the aquaculture pond needs in both water and soil.  We have numerous products with different combinations which will satisfy the requirements of present aquaculture. When it comes to White Gut, our scientists after doing a proper research, we came out with a product PANACEA which prevents from White Gut, White Muscle, Bends, Size Variations besides PANACEA is a great growth promoter.  PANACEA gives return of investment in terms of growth we assure.  PANACEA is one of our premium products which flipped our organization to another level.  PANACEA is a most trusted product by thousands of customers across India.  Our product for Virus in shrimp is SANGOMA.  SANGOMA prevents from all kinds of viruses and related pathogens in shrimp body.  SANGOMA is the first ever product that protects aqua animal from viruses in the uinverse.  As we give SANGOMA in feed from day one of the culture, it accumulates in the animal body and protects the whole body from Viruses and related pathogens besides it consumes the food that needed to Virus.  Hence it prevents the growth of the virus in animal body as well as the re-production of virus and related pathogens.  Here it comes, PRO EHP.  PRO EHP is the one that prevents and cures from EHP. 

Aquaculture is one of the most profitable sources for Andhra Pradesh, India.  However, there are so many areas which is supporting aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh.  There are so many subsidy sources which farmers should be educated.  Well, RandAqua is strived to develop excellent products for aquaculture such Panacea, Sangoma, ProEHP, Repulse, Probiotics for Water, Soil, Pond management, Disease resistance, prevention and cure for almost all issues raised in aquaculture.  Randaqua’s products are world class and are in affordable in terms of pricing.  Randaqua’s products mostly comes with multiple benefits which saves the time and money of farmers.  RandAqua always collects the information from farmers to make demanded products.  We always strive to meet the market demand and our scientists keep working on by understanding market, and the testimonies of farmers.  RANDAQUA is equipped with solutions for almost all issues in aquaculture.  We have solutions for White gut, Virus, EHP and perfect probiotics for water and soil (PRO WS, PROACT ULTRA, PROSTAR), pond preparation probiotic solution (BOON), solution for ammonia and nitrites in aquaculture ponds (RAND YUCCA) which is the only 100% yucca available in the market which is imported from South America, REPULSE solution of all the issues in fish culture which protects from (running mortality, red disease, Lice, Argulus, Nematodes, Cestoeds, Trematodes, Acinata, Ergasilus, Lernea besides REPULSE clears pond water from Microcystis and Blue Green Algae.