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Research and Development 

RandAqua logo FinalRandAqua's team of scientists is spending endless efforts on research and development of World class solutions for Aquacualture. Our research triggers from the current issues in the aquaculture by gathering information from farmers that are facing issues from different soils, salinities, locations and different weather conditions and hence our products stands on top in facing newly identified challenges in aquaculture.  Our scientists incredible efforts delivered world class solutions for aquaculture. RandAqua has well equipped laboratories that can perform almost all kinds of tests and developments related aquaculture issues, diseases, challenges, improvements etc.,.  We would like to thank the farmers and our consultants from across the coast of Andhra Pradesh that is helping us in numerous ways which is co-operating with us in our research and development in aquaculture. Besides all, our first clients which trusted us when "Rand Aqua" was an infant and supported our products and people encouraged us by providing us with all desired resources for our tests and demos.  Like proverb says "Thousands of kilometers travel starts with one step",  With all the support from all of you and our endless efforts we are here with world class products delivering to our esteemed farmers of India and abroad. All our scientists are well qualified, well educated and well experienced.  They are capable to provide farmers online help as well when needed, Provided there are proper laboratory reports of pond water and soil as desired.  Our current research on other areas is rapid on Liquid Minerals, Other Minerals, Feed Minerals, Natural feed,  Feed supplements, Natural binders, Fish Probiotics, Organic cultivation  etc.,

Growth, White Gut, Bends, White Muscle, Loose Shell

Panacea Rand Aqua webWhiteGut (White Gut) is one of the most dangerous challenge that is in front of Aquaculture Farmers.  Without WhiteGut, there can be a great production of Shrimp in India.  There are several companies that is working on this challenge and thre were lots of products released to control or to prevent which didn't give a complete solution or satisfaction to Aquaculture farmers across globe.  After a research of couple of years on such challenges, RandAqua has come out with an incredible solution that can prevent and cure the WhiteGut and White Fecal Matter challenges.  In fact as the improvement in calculator lead to invention of Computer, our research on Growth Promoter lead to introduce a boon to Aquaculture world i.e, Panacea which can Prevent and Cure White Gut, White Muscle, White Fecal Matter, Loose Shell, Bends etc, besides rated as the world's best growth promoter.  As you know that the FCR is the base criteria in Aquaculture and the feed that is available now could not reach this criteria.  Hence, each farmer has to go with an alternative solution that can help in terms of growth of aquatic animal.  Here our research has started in the invention of a good and affordable growth promoter which is organic besired.  Our research ended up with a perfect and world class growth promoter which is "Panacea" that also would work ultimately on Bends, Loose shell, White Gut, White Muscle, White Fecal Matter etc., Don't worry when our Panacea could not control or cure White Gut related issues in your pond, we did work on such issues for few years and understood that whenever there is gut infection in aquatic animal.  We invented a perfect and handson solution for gut infection as well which is inexpensive.  RandAqua has 1000 plus satisfied customers in terms of above mentioned issues with one single product i.e, Panacea.


Hull RandAqua"Rand Aqua" is known as the other name of Quality and it is so.  We strive for quality more than anything else.  Our products are prepared with perfectly tested and approved formulas and are tested numerous ways at different curcumstances like weather conditions, soils, Salinities, Waters and different regions. Hence our products ready to perform at any kind of environments.  All our products are "Non Chemical" and "Non Antibiotic" which provides 100% healthy environment in ponds.  We alter our formulas with respect to the conditions of current environment and the issues arising. Hence we are in the first line always in providing solutions as desired.  Our products are non toxic and hence can have no side affects or other impacts on pond and animal. With the years of experience, our scientists are capable to research on newly formed diseases as well and can formulate solutions that will work.  Our research team always collects the waters, animals from different areas from both where there is high success rate as well as very lo success rate and we study the way of culture for both.  Currently we have products in the market for almost all areas in Aquaculture.  Our Liquid probiotic Multipro PS+ will keep the pond water and soil in safe custody by maintaining required plankton levels, contrlling vibtios, pathogens and other unwanted species in the pond water.  Controls and cures blackgill, cleans turbid water, controls Ammonia, Nitrites, H2s, pH etc., in the pond water and hence maintains desired DO levels in pond.  Protect is the feed probiotic, growth promoter and the probiotic solution for EMS, White Gut, White Feaces, Vibrios, Virus and other issues in the body of aquatic animal.  Protect took the first place in the market among all feed probiotics and growth promoters with its great formula.  Protect has the capacity to work as multitasker and it does so.  scort is the product which goes into water simultaneously with Protect in to the feed.  They work together with addition of Randmin in the pond water that will cures white muscle disease in shrimp in less than 72 hours.  Escort itself works in the pond water to kill all virus and vibrios related species and creates healthy environment in pond.  Randmin is mineral mix by Rand Aqua which comes out with perfect mixture of minerals that will replace the deficiency of minerals in pond water.  

Indus RandAquaCleargut is one of our premium products that cleans the gut and clears from all other upsets in gut with regular application.  Cleargut goes with feed in regular intervals which works as a toxin binder.  Proact is the probiotic solution for pond preparation.  It helps in killing all hidden germs, pathogens, bacteria, fungus, virus that are not identified by the generic pond preparation process.  Proems goes into pond water and kills all bacteria, pathogens that is causing EMS and related issues in pond.  Protigel is the basic binding gel with added minerals, proteins and vitamins that keeps it as the best binding gel in the market.  With the formula it has been designed and made, it helps in good feed intake, improves digestion capability, improves weight and keeps animal stronger.  Progut is the gut probiotic power which goes in to pond water and works simultaneously with Protect in the feed.  Progut is designed to kill the virus, vibrios, pathogens that are causing gut problems in shrimp like White gut, White feacus etc.,  0Ammonia is the pure probiotic solution that removes Ammonia in pond totally unlike honding the Ammonia in pond water.  It works and clears within 72 hours after application at desired weather conditions.  Algclear is the probiotic solution for Microcystis and unwanted algae in aquaculture ponds.  By understanding that the natural food provides much more values to aquatic animals than the feed that we manufacture, Rand Aqua came out with an extraordinary product "BOOSTER" which produces Micro, Macro nutrients in pond water, improves and maintains stable plankton levels and Chlorella minutissima in pond water.  Now we have integrated Progut, Provirus and ProEMS into one product which is "ESCORT" which is a revolution in probiotics.  ESCORT is the water application probiotic solution that protects water from all bacteria, fungus, virus, vibrios that causes EMS, White Gut, White Faeces, White Spot, Black Spot and other viral infections.  PROTECT is the simultaneous product that goes into feed while ESCORT is applied in water.  Our Multipro PS+ is now added with "BACILLUS MEGATERIUM" which makes it the best PS in the world.  Our increased strain count in Multipro PS+ makes it much more inexpensive as the dosage is now 3 litres per acre in Shrimp pond and 2 Liters per acre in Fish pond.  FISHCARE is our new product exclusive probiotic solution for fish tanks. So far, probiotic solutions for Fish tanks were expensive besides farmers were unable to afford.  Apart from all other reasons, application of probiotics will have sudden impact of Dissolved Oxygen levels in fish tanks.  Hence the one and inexpensive solution for fish tanks.  It will cost the farmer just 100 Rupees per month per Acre.  FISHCARE is one in talk of the town and one of the best sellers of Rand Aqua products.


Rand Aqua Fish 1"RandAqua" has a wide range of products that can run the culture end to end with out any problem in pond or without any usage of any chemicals or antibiotics.  RandAqua's scientists and technicians suggest and educate from pond preparation to harvesting in an systematic manner without using any harmful or hazardous materials in the pond.  Our motto is "Go Green" and we are doing so.  We have so many successful testimonies across the coast of Andhra Pradesh.  We do support physically through our technical team or by receiving reports timely from each pond and our technical team will guide with respect to.  Our support will be from end to end of culture.  Our farmers are much happier by following our technical team's suggestions and we encourage anybody irrespective of whether the farmer uses "RandAqua" Products or irrespective of location across globe.  Out team helps farmers in connecting with relevant people and departments with respet to the issues they are facing.  We qickly respond to our farmers, distributors and stockists in resolving problems.  We do take responsibility in escalating the issue to relevant level and till the needy get the issue resolved.  Hence our support team is highly appreciated in terms of support besides suplying the high quality products to Indian Aquaculture.  Our culture works on principle "No chemicals and No Antibiotics".  We are into support with the foreign countries i.e, Sri Lanka, Mozanbique, South Africa, Ivory Coast etc., Our products makes our farmer's life easy in terms of understanding the products and application is like spoon fed.


Rand Aqua BusinessOur business terms always targets the safety of farmer and mutual profits.  Hence our products are prepared in such a manner that no pond will have any kind of negative impact by using any of our products.  Our products are inexpensive compared to any other products manufacture with similar norms and quality factors.  We run numerous tests and demos for each product before we release into market that makes our products though.  We are spending most of our profits into research and development that can derive better ways in culture great outputs.  We are supporting 24/7 to the farmers regardless of area and client.  We are providing online support whichever calls us for any kind of support whether they use the products of Rand Aqua or not. Rand Aqua providing distribution services to the interested existing or new people or organizations in their respective areas.  Interested shall contact us for further details, terms and conditions in promoting our esteemed product range.  We do provide our distributors and resellers with maximum profit percentage with promised quality products which keeps our Rand Family proud in the market.