RandAqua Repulse

REPULSE is one of the revolutionary products by RANDAQUA.  REPULSE cures almost all diseases in fish.  It is an organic product which came out from our five years of hard work.  We made it pride and besides by understanding farmers end.  We struggled to make it to work in multiple scenarios in fish ponds.  It can cure Red disease, Argulus, Lice, Running mortality in fish, Nematodes, Cestodes, Ergasilus, Acinata Lernea, Trematodes, Nematodes in fish besides effectively controls Microcystis and Blue Green Algae in aquaculture ponds.  We declare that the REPULSE is the first product in the world that will cure almost all the problems in fish and the one that clears Microcystis and Blue Green algae in aquaculture ponds.

Composition : Organic

Packaging ; 1000 ml

Application : Prevention : 1 liter per 3 acres in pond water, 2 ml per kilo feed for 3 days in feed.  Cure : 1 liter per 2 acres in pond water, 5 ml per kilo feed until recovery.


PANACEA is one of our premium products.  PANACEA is made up of the combination of selected probiotic strains, enzymes, growth enhancers and other organic components.  PANACEA works on multiple issues in shrimp.  PANACEA prevents from White gut, White muscle, Size variations, Bends etc., besides PANACEA is a great growth promoter.  We challenge the return of investment in the from of growth and all others are extra benefits of it.  PANACEA is a world class product which is exported to three countries.  Its premium design works in any weather conditions and at any circumstances.  PANACEA cures all the above and prevention for White gut.  In case of White gut, PANACEA should be used simultaneously with PRUDENCE.  PRUDENCE is the cure for white gut in shrimp when it is used with PANACEA. 

Composition : Probiotics, Enzymes, Minerals, Growth enhancers

Packaging : 1000 ml

Application : 5 ml per kilo feed and should be increases gradually to 20 ml by the time animal reaches to 60 count.  For cure, 20 ml per kilo feed twice a day with one Prudence in one meal.



PRUDENCE is the combination of selected probiotic strains.  Its made up of 60 Billion CFU.  PRUDENCE is made to cure White gut in shrimp.  PANACEA prevents shrimp from white gut but during disease of White gut, PRUDENCE application in water and feed simultaneously with PANACEA cures White gut effectively within 3 days.  PRUDENCE cleans the water from majority of pathogens that causes White gut in shrimp.  By giving PRODUNCE in feed, cleans the total intestine system from pathogens that causes White gut.

Composition : Combination of selected probiotic strains

Packaging : 250 grams X 2

Application : 250 grams into water per acre and remaining 250 grams into feed. 10 grams per kilo feed.  PRUDENCE is one time application.


PRO EHP PEO EHP[/caption]

PROEHP is one of our premium products.  PROEHP works on shrimp and clears the EHP issues.  PRO EHP is a powerful probiotics and natural extracts combination that makes it the first in the universe.  Probably PRO EHP is the first ever probiotic solution for EHP in shrimp.  PRO EHP as it is the combination of miraculous ingredients, it gives enormous growth in shrimp besides clearing EHP.  PRO EHP accumulates in the shrimp body and protects the digestive system, intestine, liver, hepatopancreas.  In fact PRO EHP is the total body protector for shrimp.

Composition : Probiotics, natural extracts, Spirulina, Growth enzymes and others

Packaging : 250 grams X 2

Dosage : 10 grams per kilo feed in one meal a day.  During EHP, 10 grams per kilo feed twice.  



PRO WS in the first product of RANDAQUA. PRO WS is a water and soil probiotic solution. It is a multi strain probiotics which makes it world’s best liquid probiotics for aquaculture.  PRO WS is still made under the process of sun shine as it is supposed to be.  The formula that it is made will work on both water and soil in an effective way.  PRO WS controls Ammonia, Nitrite, H2S and other unwanted components in pond water.  PRO WS bio degrades the sludge effectively.  PRO WS clears all unwanted pathogens in the pond water and cleans the water.  PRO WS will manage the water in desired parameters by cleaning the water, developing the plankton levels and controlling the all desired parameters in pond.

Composition : Combination of selected probiotic strains

Packaging : 20 Liters

Application ; 5 liters per acre as a first application and 2 to 3 liters per acre once in a 15 days.  Powder probiotics such as PROSTAR should be applied in the alternative week after application of PRO WS. 


Prostar is a multi purpose high power powder based probiotic product by RANDAQUA. Prostar can be used for water and soil, feed and fermentation process also. PROSTAR is one of our most selling products because of its working methodology. PRSTAR comes with multiple probiotic strains which makes it top in the market.  PROSTAR should be used simultaneously with PRO WS which is our liquid probiotics in alternative weeks.  Application of liquid probiotics and powder probiotics simultaneously will provide the full need of probiotics in aquaculture pond and hence the desired results.

Composition : Selected probiotic strains

Packaging : 500 grams

Application : 250 grams to 500 grams per acre or as suggested by your consultant.


No more blading, no more cleaning bottom.  BOON  makes easy in pond preparation by cleaning the bottom of pond. How worse the bottom may be, BOON cleans the bottom from all unwanted pathogens and H2S.  Hence the bottom will become normal without any unwanted or pathogens.  BOON is the first ever product that invented towards pond preparation and bottom cleaning.  By understanding the issues of farmers during culture, we have realized that there is a need in terms of bottom and sludge management.  BOON is the outcome of our research and understanding of aquaculture.

Composition : 60 Billion CFU probiotics combination.

Packaging : 250 grams X 2

Application : After harvesting, apply 250 grams to 500 grams of BOON on pond bottom by spraying.  During culture, apply 100 grams every 15 days in pond water.



SANGOMA is a pure combination of Probiotics, Natural Extracts and other organic components.  SANGOMA will go with feed into body and controls all kinds of Virus and related pathogens in the shrimp body.  It should be given in feed from day one as it should start working in shrimp body before virus replicated to uncontrollable levels.  SANGOMA starts working in the shrimp body in such a way that it wont allow any kind of media to virus and related pathogens in the shrimp body so that the virus will become weak and will not be able to do reproduction.  Hence SANGOMA will clear the virus and related pathogens in shrimp body.  SANGOMA is one of the best growth promoters as well as improves resistance power in shrimp body.

Composition : Probiotics, Natural Extracts.

Packaging : 500 Grams.

Application : 10 grams per kilo feed in one meal a day up to 30 days.  From 30 days to 60 days, 10 grams per kilo feed alternative day


ANTIVIRUS prevents from virus and related pathogens from external sources.  When neighbor’s ponds infected with Virus, ANTIVIRUS should be applied in our own tank in water and should be sprayed on the dykes.  It protects the pond water and from other external sources as it is sprayed on dykes.  Great combination of composition of ANTIVIRUS makes it the first ever product that protects from Virus in shrimp pond.  Very effective and cost effective  product that works on Virus in shrimp ponds.

Composition : CAA approved chemicals combination.

Packaging : 20 Liters

Application : 2 to 3 liters in pond water with dry sand and spray on dykes.



RANDMIN is a perfect mixture of minerals.  RANDMIN is running from eleven years successfully.  RANDAQUA scientists designed to be the best in world combination of minerals that suits to pond.  Our minerals as they have a great combination it works in pond as desired and gives great results.

Composition : A perfect combination of minerals

Packaging : 10 kilos

Application : 10 kilos per acre or as suggested by advisor


RANDMIN PLUS is a powerful combination of minerals.  RANDMIN PLUS is an upgrade version of RANDMIN.  RANDMIN PLUS is a favorites minerals for majority of our farmers.  RANDMIN PLUS comes with extra percentage of mineral mixture and added probiotics that makes it best in the market.

Composition : Extra powered minerals and probiotics

Packaging :  10 kilos in HDPE container.

Application : 10 kilos per acre or as suggested by advisor


PROACT ULTRA is the upgrade version of PROACT.  PROACT ULTRA comes with combination of powerful probiotic strains.  PROACT ULTRA is a multi strain probiotic solution for water and soil in aquaculture ponds.  PROACT ULTRA work best with PRO WS when it is used alternatively weekly.  PROACT ULTRA clear all unwanted pathogens in pond water and hence brings it to desired condition for best aquaculture.  PROACT ULTRA develops great quantity of plankton levels in the water.  PROACT ULTRA helps in controlling ammonia and nitrite levels in pond water.

Composition : Combination of powerful probiotic strains

Packagind : 250 grams X 2

Dosage : 250 grams per acre alternative week with liquid probiotics such as PRO WS.


RAND YUCCA RAND YUCCA  is 100% yucca plant extract from South America.  It is imported from where the best yucca is produced.  RAND YUCCA helps in controlling and removing unwanted Ammonia and Nitrites in pond water.  RAND YUCCA reduces odor from pond water, Improves water quality, Lowers stress and hence the mortality in animal, Reduces and prevents poisonous gases in pond water.  RAND YUCCA when it is applied into feed, it helps cleaning the intestine system of animal.

Composition : 100% Yucca plant extract.

Packaging : 500 grams

Dosage : 100 to 300 grams per acre depending on the intensity.  100 grams per ton feed.